Are Fixed Hybrid Dentures a Good Option Than Traditional Ones?

Some people don’t feel confident smiling unless their teeth are perfectly straight and white. If you lose multiple teeth, obtaining that best smile may feel like a fantasy. Thankfully, dental technology has progressed dramatically since your grandparent’s bulky dentures.

What Are Fixed Hybrid Dentures?

Artificial crowns can be permanently connected to implants, making fixed hybrid dentures a viable tooth replacement alternative. This dental treatment is perfect for patients struggling with traditional, removable dentures. If a person loses multiple teeth, this is a great way to stop further bone loss.

This alternative to conventional dentures uses titanium screws implanted into the jaw to support artificial teeth. The secure attachment ensures the denture won’t slip around when you eat or brush your teeth.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of It?

You can get a fixed hybrid denture with all-ceramic restorations or metal frameworks covered with acrylic resin, offering you more restoration options than detachable dentures. Furthermore, the following are some advantages:

  • Have the appearance, performance, and feel of natural teeth.
  • Optimum dental implant support and stability.
  • The patient does not need to take it off, which is more convenient.
  • They are much more comfortable and less bulky than detachable dentures.
  • It minimizes gum discomfort since they are not detachable.

On the other side, these are some of the disadvantages of this dental procedure:

  • It needs oral surgery (which could involve numerous implant operations).
  • Healing from placement can take a couple of months.
  • Keeping your teeth clean at home when food particles become stuck under them is more challenging.
  • It can be rather pricey, often costing thousands of dollars.
  • It’s doubtful that insurance companies will cover it.

Who Is the Best Candidate for This Procedure?

This innovative procedure will bring back your smile and oral health. However, dentures secured by implants are only an excellent alternative for some. If you’re missing several teeth throughout your upper or lower jaw, this option is more economical than getting individual implants and crowns.

With hybrid restoration, just four to six implants are needed to replace a whole arch of teeth. This denture fits safely over the traditional one, providing a natural-looking new set of teeth. If you want fixed hybrid dentures to transform your smile, you must find a trusted dentist so you can relax and not stress out during your procedure.

How Do You Maintain It?

Properly maintaining your fixed hybrid dentures will help them look excellent and last longer. They can be kept in good condition by brushing them twice daily with a soft bristles toothbrush and fluoride-free toothpaste. Flossing around the teeth and gum line is also essential to remove food debris that can trigger infection.

Aside from that, arranging biannual visits to the dentist for cleanings is vital. This helps remove tartar and clean areas that flossing and brushing may miss. If you are looking for a reliable dentist who can help with your dental problems, click here.

Is It Expensive?

The price of fixed partial dentures will vary considerably depending on several factors. The cost range is $15,000 to $40,000. The total expense will reflect the number of implants needed (four to six) and the price of the replacement teeth. Getting an exact estimate for the price of the procedure needs a trip to a trusted dentist. You can also find information about the procedure while visiting them.

The Takeaway

Fixed hybrid dentures are an option that combines the advantages of traditional dentures and implants. They stay in place even during eating and talking and can only be removed by a dentist. Sadly, fixed hybrid dentures can be pricey because of the additional cost of dental implants. Speak to your dentist regarding the benefits and disadvantages of hybrid dentures if you have several or all of your teeth missing. They’ll assist you toward the best alternative for you.