Aspects to Account for When Assessing a Senior Care Home

Moving into senior living is a good idea as you or your loved one age. The options for independent and assisted senior housing give residents a wide range of possibilities to get active, connect with their neighbors, and participate in community life.

Looking into and visiting elderly living facilities might be complex or overwhelming when it’s time for you or your loved ones to decide. However, if you or the older person you love know what to look for, selecting the right place will be more accessible, and you’ll feel at ease moving forward.

Choosing a Senior Living Home

The things you or your loved one needs from a permanent residence must be considered before you search. Given the many possibilities, finding a suitable facility that meets your requirements can be challenging. However, the fact is that not all retirement homes are created equal in senior facilities and care.

In your search, you should consider these factors to help you determine:

1. Location

Be sure that the senior care facility is conveniently located so that family members can regularly visit. Choosing a place that enables the residents to visit loved ones can help ease the transition process for seniors.

The closeness to a hospital or medical facility is another factor to consider if the senior residence you’re considering doesn’t provide any medical care. The Morningside of Fullerton location is near shopping, dining, and cultural attractions, which is also a plus side of senior living residences. 

2. Services

Services are typically based on how many people are interested in or require these services. Standard services provided by senior living facilities comprise meals, cleaning, housekeeping, physical activity, medication management, and health and well-being programs. However, more individualized services may be provided as necessary.

These programs can address cardiovascular health, diabetes, depression, or dementia.

3. Security

Be sure that there are railings and wide doorways throughout the building. Showers should be inspected to ensure that getting in and out will not be a problem, and ramps for wheelchairs should be sought. The house should be well-lit and free of any dangers to walking through, and all amenities should be within easy reach of an older person.

Ensure security is always in place seven days a month, and have a monitored check-in zone to keep strangers from wandering into the building unsupervised.

4. Amenities

A wide range of amenities are available, some of which could include a swimming area, community entertainment, a dining hall with a garden, a barbershop or hair salon and a coffee shop, a library, or a computer space. There are other options, such as a garden. Pick a place with amenities you or your loved one will likely benefit from and enjoy.

Click here to learn more about the offerings of your facility and also to check for their reviews. 

5. Activities

A top-quality residence will provide for its residents’ emotional, mental, social, and physical well-being through numerous activities. Activities such as art lessons or games, concerts, and field trips are just a handful of possibilities.

6. Staff

The staff should be competent, compassionate caregivers who are intensely driven and experienced in caring for elderly patients. Ask about the experience and qualifications of the employees and verify whether there are enough caregivers to care for the number of residents.

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Choosing a senior facility for yourself or your loved one is an important decision you have to make. Take the necessary time and effort to make it right.

Visit a retirement facility of your choice, as you’ll meet the staff and observe how they work with the current residents. Furthermore, making sure you ask as many questions as you want will help you better understand the services offered by the community and aid in making your choice.