Causes and Cures of Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Erectile dysfunction in young males is a common condition when the male cannot rise to the moment they desire sexual relations. It is frequently painful for them and is one of the root causes of relationship problems. However, there is no reason to be embarrassed if you suffer from it, regardless of age. Erectile dysfunction is extremely common, affecting nearly one in five males over 20.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Before attempting the most potent natural cure, know the causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Psychological Issues

Psychological issues, according to studies, are more likely to cause erectile dysfunction in younger men. Stress, exhaustion, depression, relationship problems, guilt, low self-esteem, and performance anxiety, for example, are all potential causes of psychologically-based ED. Furthermore, a single incident of poor performance can cause psychological stress, exacerbating the problem.

Lifestyle Issues

Aside from the previously mentioned psychological issues, your lifestyle may also influence how you feel about your sexual well-being. Overweight men, for example, may have reduced penis blood flow, resulting in soft or weak protracted erections.

Furthermore, recreational medication may be one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction. Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption may also contribute to erectile dysfunction in young men.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological ED

The good news is that if your erectile dysfunction is a psychological problem that you want to overcome, you can do so by seeking counseling and follow the given tips. Therapists can help couples and individuals improve their communication, reduce tension, and set realistic expectations.

Getting enough sleep and exercising are two other ways to combat mental issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Running, for example, has been shown to alleviate depression by releasing endorphins, which are the “feel-good” chemicals produced by your body.

Physiological ED

If the cause is physiological, the next step is to see a doctor or urologist. After that, various tests (including hormone levels, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and liver and renal function) are run to see if any conditions interfere with normal erectile function. You can talk to Ursula Ofman, Psy.D. for more information.

Physical causes can be treated with drugs, surgery, penile injections, and vacuum pump machines. However, they are not without risk and cannot be guaranteed to be completely effective.

Lifestyle Changes

Exercise and Diet are the most effective and long-lasting methods of staying healthy.

  • Diet: Eat a low-protein, high-fiber diet to lower bad cholesterol and LDL. Fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains should be included in your diet. In addition, include foods high in good cholesterol (HDL), such as avocados, to help lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Exercise: Make sure you get plenty of cardiovascular exercises to help you lower your cholesterol and increase your circulation. Strength training, particularly for large muscle groups, is also recommended to boost human development hormone and testosterone levels. These hormones are necessary for maintaining a healthy sexual drive and strong sexual erections. For other details about the sexual disorder, you can visit online. 


If the problem is severe, it is advised that the patient seek medical attention and expert assistance to find a cure. Doctors investigate the condition’s underlying causes and recommend the most effective treatments. To ensure that you’re in the best hands, look for a doctor who specializes in the area or has previously handled similar cases.