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Our favorite activities in Villeray near condos Le Saint Helene and The Hub

01 May 2018

Our favorite activities in Villeray near condos Le Saint Helene and The Hub

Ahhhhh Villeray! A neighborhood that we really love! Our office and model condo being in the area, we thought we could share our team's favorites activities with you. (many of us lives around here).
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The tennis players at the IGA Stadium have the chance to play in one of the most beautiful parks in Montreal! Ideal to relax, meet friends, plan a picnic with your family, this park is definitely a must! Its 36 hectares allows for various activities: swimming, rollerskating, petanque, skateboarding, tennis, walking, cycling, beach volleyball, slackline, basketball, watching ducks, playing frisbee, kite flying, baseball and more!


It's no coincidence that the Jean-Talon market is in the top list of things to see in Montreal! One of the largest markets in North America where you can meet with local producers during both summer and winter.

Particularly busy during the weekend, we also love their cold cuts, cheese factories, bakeries, bulk goods, gift shops and much more. Bring your "caddy" and let yourself be rocked by the musicians!


A new public square was created in the heart of the Villeray district on De Castelnau street, between De Gaspé and Drolet. The place de Castelnau is ideal for gathering, eating, having a drink and shopping. Here are some places we particularly like: Café Larue & Fils, Mia Tapas, Bistro L’Enchanteur, Les Givrés, Le Comptoir Sainte-Cécile, Le Pain dans les voiles, Chocobel, Maillagogo, Magasin général, Boa Bijoux, Le Marquis sans gluten.

Villeray Street is also full of interesting shops, here are some of them: Tapeo (tapas),  Sushi 426, Pizzeria Villeray, Restaurant français Tandem, Mlles Gâteaux, Restaurant espagnol Meson, Bar Miss Villeray, Café Vito, Boutique (femme) Slak, Archicrème, Le Toaster, Café Perko, Boulangerie sans gluten et sans produits laitiers L’Artisan, Bar Huis Clos. Know that the owners are quick to recognize their loyal customers!

Not to mention the Café OUI MAIS NON, le Café Larue & Fils de la rue Jarry, l'épicerie LOCO, l'épicerie Veux-tu une bière?, le restaurant le Petit Alep, le OK POKE, le café Chez l'Éditeur and many other addresses ...


Although walking is often our favorite mean of transportation, cyclists are also very happy and enjoy the many bike paths in the area! Villeray is well served by 5 metro stations: Jean-Talon, De Castelneau, Fabre, Jarry and Crémazie, as well as several bus routes. If you are a motorist, know that parking is easy and free near your property.


The choice to live in Villeray contributes to the work-life balance by reducing the transportation time required to get to work, school, daycare, classes, groceries and other everyday activities. Less transportation = more quality time with children to spend at Jarry Park, Normanville, Villeray, Turin or Prévost! Patro Le Prevost is known for its community activities, indoor pool and a wide range of leisure activities. We also particularly enjoy walking in the alleys and discovering self-service book boxes! In addition, Jean-Talon Hospital is located in this area, as are some clinics. It is reassuring to know that in case of an emergency, a few steps are enough to get help at any time.


According to the list of primary schools in La Presse, the Villeray district stands out positively. The Saint-Gabriel-Lalemant and Hélène-Boullé schools are located in the upper third. Not far behind, the schools Marie-Favery, Sainte-Cécile and Saint-Arsène are in the middle. For the list of secondary schools of the Journal de Montreal, the Roberval Academy is well above average.

We hope you enjoyed this little neighborhood tour and we passed on our passion! Contact us to learn more about our condominiums and townhouses for sale in Villeray Le Sainte-Hélène and The Hub.

Carte Villeray - condo et penthouse LEED KnightsBridge
Parc Jarry Condo et penthouse LEED à Villeray
Parc Jarry Condo et penthouse LEED à Villeray
Parc Jarry Condo et penthouse LEED à Villeray
Villeray pistes cyclables Condo et penthouse LEED à Villeray