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INTERVIEW: Looking back on 7 years of entrepreneurship!

12 April 2019

INTERVIEW: Looking back on 7 years of entrepreneurship!

What you're most proud of.

"Building an organization where people don't come for a pay check, but because they believe in the vision and strength of a united team. It makes all the difference in a life, to get up out of passion rather than obligation. It's not only what I'm most proud of, but also what I'm most committed to."

Your key learning from the last few years.

"Humility. I have always been someone successful in life. I hit my first real wall in a company. Running a company is also a deep introspection into ourself and who we really are.

Some of the observations I have made:

1) I am not good at everything;

2) I need to surround myself with people stronger and smarter than myself to succeed;

3) I still have a lot to learn.

And through all this, I have to keep the strength of my convictions, because there are reasons why I was able to brint the organization to this level."

Your wish for the next 7 years.

"I hope KnightsBridge will be involved and solicited to rethink and design entire neighborhoods."

Your greatest sources of inspiration

"My my....... There are so many of them. But certainly, all the great leaders who have made their mark, and who now have the opportunity to do what they want, but who decide to put their knowledge at the service of the community and others. I see this in leaders like Elon Musk, Obama, but also with the members of our Advisory Committee, and several people I meet regularly. All these people are eternal optimists, and it's inspiring."

Your favorite neighborhood

"KnightsBridge;) All jokes aside, I really like neighborhoods where communities are formed, and where there is a lot of action going on. I love my neighborhood, Little Italy because I've become attached to it. But I'm already beginning to have such a strong attachment to my future Angus neighborhood."

Your favorite project

"I love all our projects. Because I wouldn't do a project that I’m not proud of. That being said, Le Jardinier is a particular success story, because it demonstrates that high-quality construction and architecture can be achieved at an affordable price. This project shows that many of Montreal's challenges can be overcome."

A reading that you recommend to all entrepreneurs or people passionate about urban planning or architecture?

"I read a lot, and several readings have greatly influenced me. Whether it is the story of entrepreneurs, companies, growth perspectives, diversity, customer experience, marketing or urban planning and architecture. I learn so much over and over again from all the books I read. I set myself the goal of reading at least 1 per month. And my advice is to do the same ;)"