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Knightsbridge in Le devoir - special notice "Les Grands Bâtisseurs"

26 March 2018

Knightsbridge in Le devoir - special notice "Les Grands Bâtisseurs"

Here is the full article published in Le Devoir on March 24, 2018 in its special notice "Les Grands bâtisseurs".
You can also access the article by clicking here.
(traduction libre)


Co-founded by the young entrepreneur Charles-Antoine Gosselin and the engineer Simon  G.  Boyer, KnightsBridge was born in 2012. By launching into business, they gave themselves a major mission: transforming the building industry and making their business one of the most famous player in the Greater Montreal area. 

By winning seven Domus Awards including the prestigious 'Builder of the Year' award, Knightsbridge is on track to achieve its goal. 

« We have grown a lot since our beginnings but our aim remain the same », says M. G. Boyer. For us,  real estate development is more than just putting together concrete, wood and ceramics. We want to offer an exceptional quality of life to people. To achieve this, we think enormously about our projects and the way of life we want to attain. We focus on the quality of our buildings and we develop projects that contribute to create an interesting neighborhood life, that offers services or that are nearby services, and that limits the transport time of residents. »




In a few weeks, Knightsbridge will launch Nua, a large-scale real estate project to be built in Pointe-Sainte Charles.  Meaning 'new' in Irish, the term was chosen to make a nod to the Irish community that was established in the neighborhood in the nineteenth century, hoping to find better conditions that those she left. 

« Offering a better quality of life to residents is exactly what we wish », says Simon G. Boyer, co-founder and main partner at Knightsbridge.

To achieve this, the developer has chosen to develop Nua on an ideally located field. A few steps from the Lachine canal, the project is within walking distance from the Charlevoix metro and the Atwater market. It's also located on the edge of the Chaudronniers Park wich is nestled in the center of the quadrangle formed by the streets St. Patrick, Island, Augustin-Cantin and Laprairie.

« It's a park with beautiful old trees that is currently little used by people in the neighborhood because it is landlocked», notes M. G. Boyer. With some 60 homes, Nua will integrate naturally into the mature park. The location of its building will be very open, and several green spaces will be developed between the different units of the complex. »

« When we made the choice to move forward with the project, we decided not just to build housings that would overlook the park, says the developer. We thought we needed to find a way to enlarge the park and make it more accessible with the aid of the project. By favoring an open location, we can open up the park and make it wander on another street. This will help to create a dialogue between public and private spaces and to encourage meetings between neighbors. In addition, when the residents will go outside of their homes, they will find themselves in a very green and very pleasant space. »

A remarkable construction building

Always in the spirit of offering an exceptional living environment to its customers, KnightsBridge has striven to design a project where the facilities quality and diversity will be celebrated. 

With a very contemporary architecture, Nua will include a variety of buildings, whose heights will go from two to six floors. These will be worked in tiers, wich will allow the majority of the housing to benefit from vast terraces giving a view on the gardens of the complex. 
Nua will also benefit from a generous fenestration. « It will allow a strong relationship with the outside», says M. G. Boyer.

The topologies and areas of the project units will be diverse. There will be one to three bedroom units, some of wich will have mezzanine, but also smaller appartments.

« We are doing our best to keep families in Montreal, says the promoter. We are always targeting 20 % of family housing in our projects while the Montreal average is around 5 %. We are also trying to promote accessibility to housing with affordable projects. In this case, it means that 20 % of our homes will have three bedrooms,  20 % will have one and the other, two. »

Like all KnightsBridge's projects, Nua aim the LEED platinum certification. Its construction will therefore meet very high quality and energy efficency criteria.

Nua's sales will be launched in the spring of 2018. Construction will begin in the fall of the same year. As for the delivery, it will take place at the end of the year 2019.