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About the Nature Series by KnightsBridge

08 February 2017

About the Nature Series by KnightsBridge


The Knightsbridge team dreams up, innovates and reinvents its models. Nature is a new LEED® certified multi-residential developmemt. It is aimed at customers looking for the same quality of construction, design and inovation that has given KnightsBridge its reputation.

Here are the firsts project of Nature Series:

LE JARDINIER, Hochelaga (completed)

LE BARISTA, Rosemont-Petite-Patrie

LE JOCKEY, Côte-des-Neiges

Logo Série Nature par KnightsBridge




At the heart of our decisions, are people. Who will live here? What are their needs? Would we live here? These thoughts guide us throughout from the land-buying process to the point of delivery and motivate us to achieve human-scale developments that meet the needs of the greatest number of people. NATURE takes root, participates in the development of emerging areas and creates a healthy environment in a diverse community.


We demand that all buildings are built intelligently minimizing the environmental footprint. The NATURE series is aiming for LEED® certification and therefore pays special attention to design, the origin of the materials, energy efficiency, proximity to public services, water management and more. The result? Reduced maintenance costs and excellent resale value.


Members of our team (development, construction and sales) are working hard to minimize the selling price so that the price is not a barrier to buying a durable property. The verticality of our business model, the volume of our developments and respectful relationships with our partners contribute to lowering the costs of architectural design and the purchase of high-quality materials.