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Tak, a promising partnership between KnightsBridge and DevMcGill

22 October 2018

Tak, a promising partnership between KnightsBridge and DevMcGill

We are proud to announce that KnightsBridge will be joining DevMcGill’s experienced team for the development and construction of the Tak Village project in Rosemont-Angus. Our teams will collaborate to build 300 residential units including condos, townhouses and superposed townhouses to be delivered during separate phases by year 2021.

“ Our teams have been mixing with great pleasure for many years now and there is no doubt that we are looking in the same direction” says Stéphane Côté, resident at DevMcGill. In the same vein, Simon G. Boyer, senior associate at KnightsBridge, highlights the natural ties  between the two partners. “Our willingness to position ourselves as trendsetters and to offer projects designed by renowned architects is at the heart of our respective endeavours ”, he also observes.

Tak village à Rosemont

Left to right, first row: Stéphane Côté, President, DevMcGill, Alexandra Serafini, Director of sales and product development, DevMcGill, Fanny Pelland, Lead project and development, DevMcGill, Maxence Baratier, Senior project director, DevMcGill and Tina Dostie, Director of marketing, DevMcGill

Left to right, second row: Simon G. Boyer, President, KnightsBridge, Eric Voizard, Lead projet, KnightsBridge, Jérôme Leblanc-Ducharme, Director of sales and marketing, KnightsBridge and Herbert Nunes, General Manager, KnightsBridge

Tak village 

About TAK Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child. That it takes light, greenery and fresh air. Space so they can just be kids. Rain or shine. They say it takes a village with a tightly-knit community. Where the residents live at their own pace, in an environment where comfort and nature are being conjugated, in the present tense. This village, it exists, nearby. And it’s close to everything. Within a burgeoning neighbourhood, it’s a microcosm of our society. This village, is Tak.

Tak village à Rosemont