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Why buy a LEED® home?

LEED® certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) is the international mark of excellence for green and sustainable building. It's a system used throughout the world to evaluate the durability and construction quality of both residential and commercial buildings.

This prestigious certification is granted to buildings that qualify for the various standards established by the Canada Green Building Council. A team of experts are sent on the construction site at various stages (before, during and after construction). They fill out an evaluation form that covers 136 aspects and the total score confirms how performant, durable and energy-efficient the building is.


There are 8 categories of criteria, ranging from the building's conception to its water and energy consumption, the type of materials used, the project's location (near community resources and public transportation), and even... the landscaping around the building!

A minimum score is required in each of these categories, but ultimately it's the total score that dermines which certification level the building will be granted. As a reference, most constructions in Quebec would have a hard time scoring 40 points, so reaching a total of 136 is virtually impossible!

Four certification levels

With enough points on its scorecard, a building then gets granted one of the four levels of the LEED® certification: Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Throughout the years, we have perfected our construction methods so that each new KnightsBridge projet systematically reaches the LEED® Gold or Platinum grade, which are the highest levels of the certification.

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